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Board of directors

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Nasser Al Khelaifi 

Chief Executive Officer


The CEO is a talismanic leader that epitomises self drive and motivation to succeed.  He is currently the Head of Aljazeera Sport with a proven track record of success. Failure is never an option and he possesses an amazing appetite to succeed. As the head of the Smash Tennis Academy we are extremely fortunate to have him as both a leader and role model.



Khaled Al Khelaifi

Executive Manager



Khalid is a former member of the Qatar National Teams and has been involved in the business of sport for over fifteen years. Khalid is a man who does not shy away from making tough decisions and is a crucial member of the leadership team for the future success of the Smash Academy. He possesses a dynamic approach to the day to day academy operation and is extremely innovative in his forward planning for the academy.




Karim Alami

Technical Manager


Karim Alami had a very distinguished career as a professional tennis player with a career high ranking of twenty five in the world. As a winner by nature, Karim has been an integral part of the leadership team since the academies incorporation.  His understanding and experience of tennis from grass roots to a seasoned professional is crucial for the future of the academy. Now as a sports administrator we are extremely fortunate to have him as part of this dynamic leadership team.